The end of a love affair, the start of a new relationship… my journey

img_9754In June 1999  I first saw a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard. It was love at first sight. Instead of a huge Sony TV stuck on my wall, this sleek, pen driven beauty could demonstrate everything I could ever need. Combined with Activ Software, I could write, add text, shapes, images, sounds… the list was endless.

It took two years, a relocation to Scotland and a maternity leave before this became reality. As Head of ICT I had persuaded my school to purchase the first couple of boards. We never looked back, thinking of new ways to engage learners, to deliver lessons , to share quality flipcharts. We must have about 50 now.

And then the news came. To be fair we knew it was coming, we saw the signs. Boards were not going to be made anymore. Panels were the way forward. We had dabbled in panel technology in nursery, but would it meet the needs of the other year groups?

This blog will follow me on the start of my relationship with a Activpanel. I will also be exploring the use of classflow as another tool, primarily for formative assessment.


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