So why Techno wellies???

28 09 2008
you may or may not have heard, I have a new role at school- ICT learning and teaching advisor. I want to make sure as many staff are using ICT to enhance learning and teaching. So, how to do this- so far a three pronged atack is planned
1) staff skills training
2) working with staff in classrooms
3) Providing training resources and ideas

and boy do I have some ideas. I have purposefully waited until after the Scottish learning festival and one month of doing the job before deciding my direction….. and there were so many choices. I am fascinated by words, but will leave that one to next session!

THIS session, my focus will be on outside/inside ICT . Taking the outside inside, taking the inside outside, joining the two together with a little eco, a little adventure and lots of exploration and LOADS of ICT, everywhere.

So my first project is going to focus on the humble welly walk. With Primary 1 I want to

  • lok at their position in the world- using gogle earth to zoom in, and plan a route
  • introduce wellyvision using the video camera strapped to a welly
  • let children take digital photos on the walk, interviewing them on their walk with the easispeak
  • create talking postcards with the photos to add to a geat big aerial picture
  • let children use a digital microscope to look at the items collected
  • let children take snapshots of the collected items and record details onto a chatterbox and make a display


I want

  • to extend the language of the children… why wont me daughter tell me about her welly walk???
  • to make lessons more fun, more fun makes more learning.
  • to enrich- this activity would happen anyway- but the children will be do all sorts of things not possible 20 years go… be able to see their school from the air, plan a route, see a welly view of the walk, get up close and personal with examining finds, record their walk in a different way.