# purpose

24 01 2013

“What is the purpose?” Is a question i seem to be asking more and more every day as a class teacher. As Head of ICT I feel I know exactly what the purpose is , but as a class teacher, the permutations are much wider.. An easy activity with less real purpose so I can hear readers or a great activity that i cant move forward enough as I hear readers? An easy activity to build confidence or a tricky one to deepen learning… So many decisions to make!

As my first year back as a classroom teacher for a few years, it is interesting to see my beliefs and understanding change. Today I trained a new member of staff how to use activinspire. She had used activprimary in the past, but Inspire and the new wonderful features needed explaining. And On reflection, I feel my training was quite different now I am back with a class full time. Still the same tools were discussed, still the same activities described and given as examples, but a subtle change of emphasis has taken place, away from the teacher ‘wow’ing others by using tools, to the whiteboard being almost unnoticeable as the teacher concentrates on the main focus of the day… Children’s learning. No longer were the tricks the ‘highlight’ of the training, but the more subtle tools were taking centre stage in my training such ad changing the toolbar and adding personal resources.

The purpose has changed. Now. Want my whiteboard to blend into the background, to become secondary to the learning rather than the focus, an invisible tool rather than the shiny new one.
Many of the materials i worked through were the same ( the manual i have written and the ten minute tasks which are really popular with staff) just the purpose of the whiteboard itself had changed, but to try and make my whiteboard invisible, because I love it, was nit something I had expected…

Purpose, it’s all about purpose.


5 ways to use your IWB interactively… read on!

13 05 2009

part 3 of my series for using boards interactively… now all I need to do are the how to’s for each!!!


9 02 2009

Finally I have managed to have a good play with most of the new features, make a few flipcharts etc and put the software through it’s paces. I am sure there will be more to add, bu take a look at the INSPIRE tab at the top for my thoughts.


Inspiring stuff!

21 01 2009

so, getting to grips with Inspire, the new software from Promethean….

the journey starts here!