This is what it’s all about…

2 06 2009

Last night, late, I came across this website. I had checked out my blog, followed a link and ended up at this site, which is what I believe the net is all about. Its a video periodic table, with video links about all the elements. Now I could have made this myself, butI didn’t. I could have searched for this, but I didnt. I stumbled across a gem due to the generosity of the creators and my own natural curiosity ( of which I have plenty). Without these two qualities, the Internet would not be the fantastic place it is.  So long live curiosity and generosity, and thanks to Nottingham University.chem


picture fun

29 04 2009

another web2.0 tool for you to try- (anyone ever worked out how many there are?)

Anyway- this lets you make picture shows, with speech bubbles on, so great fun for staff and children! It also allows a story to be developed using images children have takes and words they type- so great for a review of a school trip for example- or for primary children to make their own stories.

I love the ease of use- changing the order, addin text, bubbles etc is simple.

And in true ‘Blue Peter’ Style, here is one I made earlier (obviously I would not normally cover faces, but I’ m sure you all understand why.)

BubbleShare: Share photosEasy Photo Sharing

A second bite at the cherry

23 04 2009

img_0154bI had such a fun day yesterday with our nursery children. The sort of stuff that makes me remember why I became a teacher!

Just before Easter we went on a bug hunt. Children took photographs, video, recorded sound. Today was the day to review that work. The children were super, completely absorbed, watching themselves looking for bugs, identifying them, taking pictures and video of them. They were fascinated, watching and absimg_0151orbing everything on the large IWB.

I asked the children to help me record their experiences using talking postcards, to record information for their parents to tell the what they had been doing. After all, as I expained to them, the children are the experts, as they had been on the bug hunt, unlike the teachers in the room!

The responses I got were amazing, and amazed te teachers too. I had children come and draw who would never choose this type of activity. I had children with English as an additional langauge want to record their ideas into a postcard. Children drew the most amazing pictures of slaters under logs, bees with them chasing. They wre running around the garden dressed as bats and ladybirds, the bats trying to eat the ladybird… “because that’s what bats do isn’t it?” (yes the teachers replied and extended discussion on food chains) Children were keen to examine plastic mini-beasts and rehunt for more real bugs.

But would the children have done this anyway? Did ICT really enhance learning? Well we think the answer is a tentative yes. Staff in the room believe the watching of the work undertaken before easter was important in the following ways.

  1. Children watched it very carefully beacuse they had made it and they were in it.
  2. Children remembered what they had done and wanted to talk about it again, reinforcing previous learning
  3. Children were keen to draw/talk/play to extend their experiences even further. Vocabulary and concepts were visibly stretched, perhaps due to their second bite at the cherry?

Anyway, I left a happy room. I felt energised, staff were full of smiles and the  children were making me invites to their next playdough tea party !

Think about it.

3 04 2009

Found a great website tonight-although guaranted useless, absurd and ausing! It is one which I will be able to share with the whole school as it is useless, absurd and amusing on so many levels! Great for getting children (and adults) thinking and collaborating, sharing ideas, I think it would be great with activ areana( the two pens at a time business!) as two children could collaborate on an idea together without the tedious passing pen business.

hunkinsAnyway, it’s

The maths experiments will get some great discussion going, some of the science ones will be good lesson starters. Some are more theatre than education, but I believe education should be fun, something memorable should be in each lsson, and this might just have what you (and my school) are looking for!

spelling city

5 02 2009

So, you all wait a week and then three new blog posts arrive on my site!!

Anyway- spelling city-I stumbled across this whilst looking for a way to demo the whiteboard using spelling resources. It is FAB- and I think I will be rolling it out to parents as well as staff!

Dead easy to input words, dead easy to play and very simple to take a test too. Off to try it with children. I cant see any adverts on it either, which is great.

Sometimes spelling sites need a lot of time and effort to get the space to add words, this seems simple enough to get the children to log onto it, enter the words and play!


Dog and cat

5 02 2009

How I love Q&D multimedia software. It hits the spot for all users, small children love the graphics, teachers love the gentle humor….


and this does not disappoint. It has a really claer menu at the start which I am sure my staff will be able to navigate almost as well as the childre, It also has a wide variety of activities which will mirror some of the more ‘ fun’ activities undertaken in the nursery, whilst developing the listening skills required for early reading.  I can easily see this in all classes in primary 1.  In the meantime, I may just need to take it home to play with it myself!

visual fun

21 01 2009

two sites here- both look great to play with children- the first maybe for our 3 and 4 year olds,… can’t wait to use it on the Interactive whiteboard!


the second for older children… base on letters and words- a great starting point for graphic designs…… it all looks very simple to start with…. but click on a letter and away you go!