Titus TV!!

10 03 2009

thumbsI had great fun today with a flip camera, a class of p7 children, a few costumes and a bit of software. Today was Roman day and we recorded Roman TV for the rest of the year group to enjoy!

The main part of the task was the creation of interviews. Children worked in pairs, choosing a Roman celebrity to interview. They then created a set of questions and answers for their celebrity, decided on a setting, and props and costumes. Once this was worked out, they had 15 minutes to rehearse, deciding on whether to stand or sit, and how to introduce their celebrity.

In the mean time, I made sure I had new batteries in my flip camera, a big blue blanket was hung from a well lit wall and my notepad was at the ready.

Then we got down to the ‘serious’ business of recording their interviews in front of the blue screen. 13 interviews were successfully undertaken. Many of the children knew about green screen recording, and were able to understand how the process worked. the rest were shown how it works.

I tried to use serif movie maker, but the effects were not as good as I had had before- so a collegue at work showed me movieplus. It was soooo much better asit allwed colours to be manipulated and tolerance levels set too. Geat fun!

And now, we have 13 really great interviews with Roman celebrities for all to see (except you, I am afraid!)


a great camera

31 10 2008

I am so pleased with my new wee camera- fits into my pocket, bag, etc, takes great video, easy to get off the camera- just need to work out how to edit… didnt need to worry though- Easy peasy!

. Plug into the USB, choose play, and there it was. I was really impressed with the sound, as although the built in microphone was tiny, it picked up most of the voices well.






The children loved the video. They were keen to point out what they had taken video of and why, and also looked again at the natural objects the teacher has shown them during their trip. There were a lot more focused questions about particular objects asked in the classroom than whilst they were outside. On the welly walk they were more interested in what they had found and in finding more things, than in looking in more detail at the objects. By being able to pause the video, the teacher could extend, reinforce and question their learning.

ways i have or will use my flip camera

1) blazer cam- to record what happens on a trip, this can then be shown, discussed, paused, shapshots taken etc on return

2) PE- staff take it with them to PE- video children who then watch themselves straight away on the IWB and are able to discuss their performance

3) general videoing of children doing things- but so easy to play.

4) Playground cam- get the children to explain their game into the video, and then record playing the game. use at wet playtimes to share games for the future.

5) video of small objects infornt off blue folder to make chromakey videos about moon landings  news reports

6) video children in front of blue screen and chroma key into a nature video (which they video themselves by getting down and dirty in the school grounds)- they love being so small on the video and then they write detailed descriptions of objects they would see.

7) video concrete materials being used in maths so the videos can be linked into flipcharts for supply teachers or for support or to ebnsure consistency of teaching

8) video