wahoooooooooooo… I spoke at #SLF09!

23 09 2009

well today sees the end of cycle 1… a year agao I created technowellies, today I spoke about it at the Scottlish Learning Festival (#slf09)
and I think it went well. I had lots of people come p to me at the end and thank me, one descrbed the talk as educational, fun, inspiring and informative….( what more can I ask for?)
another person stopped me in the corridoor and told me she was going straing back to school to change the way she dealt with outside walks, that I was inspirational…..
THANK YOU to everyone who came along. You were a great audience.

so I am basking in self glory at the moment…. 🙂

well I was, one child is crying, the washing up needs doing, shirt needs ironing for tomorrow…. back to real life!!


Getting down and dirty!

26 03 2009

img_0087That’s what yesterday was all about!

I spent the morning on a bug hunt with one of our Nursery rooms. 30 children excitedly crawled around under bushes, peered under logs and squealed in delight (most of the time) as they discoved ‘bugs’. We enjoyed using Google earth to track our finds, video and a digital camera to catch the action, and sound to record our findings.

Children loved the experience and i was amazed at the indepth knowledge of some and the complete lack of previous experience of others. My digital natives did not need to be show how to use the camera, although the video recorders red button did beckon a few (causing them not to video!)

And so what did I learn?

  • never assume anything. The previous experience of minibeasts varied greatly
  • to think about the vast amount of digital information children can create in a short time!  Next time I will limit this more
  • that I do not need to spend time treaching the technology to the children, much better to spend the time discussing why I am using it and the benefits..
  • that if you do bugs with four year olds, at least one will smile at you and tell their mummy you are the bug lady!
  • Nothing can quite match the enthusiasm of a four year old.

White boards with ‘wee’ ones!

23 02 2009

Have a look her if you are using IWBs with small children- lots of links to great websites…