Use word walls to collaborate in class.

29 04 2009

I love this site. It lets yo create a wall to which you can add sticky notes. I have made one here for you to add to. Click on the link and add a note by double clicking. I can see my using it as a suggestion wall, a feedback wall, a brainstorming wall…. what about you?wall


Looking backwards and forwards.

10 03 2009

I look back on my posts recently and have mixed emotions. On one hand I seem to be merely sharing links, links for all sorts of sites, mostly web 2.0 applications which will enrich our lives and those of the children we teach. Most of the links I am merely passing on… I have seem them here and there, and I want to make sure I don’t forget as well as to share them with others. (maybe Jamie Oliver’s ‘passing it on’ has had a subliminal impact!!)  On the other hand I post big ideas, things I have been doing, creating, making and thinking. (I wish there were more of these!!)

But all the time, I am sharing, passing on, collaborating… the main ideals of web  2.o- And yet I am not a digital native, just  a creative educationalist….  The vast opportunities available for us all can only be realised by collaboration, by passing it on and by sharing.

So thank you everyone who has visited here recently. And thank you to everyone who blogs, tweets,and shares.

And a final share….. if you need more proof…. another reason to share….click here to see