Not only Children grow

20 01 2009

It’s true- since 2002, not only has my family grown, but BETT has expanded too. Gone are the days of walking around and chatting to past colleagues and still seeing everything in one day. I thought I was doing well, until the afternoon of my second and last day I found a whole new hall to explore!

And explore was the key. Yes, I went with a barrage of questions, a list of suppliers to track down, real and unrealistic expectations of new equipment, but the unexpected finds were the ones I am treasuring the most in the cold light of day, back in the office.

I can’t wait for the children at school to use mathletics…at the moment it seems the perfect hybrid of teacher/pupil activity. Some maths games sites seemed to lack on focus and I wonder if the challenge of finding a suitable activity at the correct level might be a stretch too far, but mathletics has it all…. clear structure, excellent rewards…..child friendly…. I think it is the most exciting website I have contemplated introducing to school.

Equipment – at the top of my list has to be the visualiser…. what doesnt it do? And with TTS pricing them at £75 each, we might be able to implement this through out at least some year groups.


But the biggest growth by far was that of Promethean. I remember it in the early days, and I was just as keen to get my hands on the kit then as I am now. ActivInspire… Am I glad it’s out- one solution which has actiexpression, activPrimary and Studio all together, all rolled into one package….. off to download the evaluation copy and to play. Shame I can’t play with the dual pens (yet) , they look sooooooooooooo coooooooooool!