Internet Safety Week

Internet Safety Week 2- How low will it go?

Wahoo- is it bigger, better ? Well I think so, but we have only just finished! Competition entry forms are out, lessons taught, parents evenings finished, worshops undertaken…..Assemblies were fantastic, the children loved using expressions in the game show!
lets hope someone somewhere learnt something!

The new look kidsmart website is brilliant- perfectly pitched for the children. Nicola from kidsmart was amazing as always- I can really reccommend their workshops for children AND parents.

AS ast year, we had a different ocus for all the year groups, to ensure progression…. but from the answers and disussion the children gave, it is really obvious that the technology is really moving down, faster than I would have imagined… so my quiestion is… how low will it go?

So, as our first Internet safety week comes to an end, I am already planning the next!

Feedback is coming in thick and fast and so far the overwhelming majority is a fantastic one.


Why are we holding this event?



Main aims 

  • to encourage dialogue between parents and children about Internet safety
  • to raise the profile of Internet safety in a fun and child friendly way 
  • to ensure children realise the potential hazards they face
  • to help children understand how to use online technologies in a responsible way

    What is happening to ensure these aims are met?


    •  Special lessons for Primary 2,3,4,5,6 and 7, The themes have been carefully chosen to ensure all aspects of Internet safety are covered at appropriate stages in the school with sensible amounts of repetition. 
    • Internet Safety assemblies for MES, SMC and UJS. These will be presented by pupils to pupils. 
    • Parental seminar from Primary 3-7 and Senior 2.
    • Kidsmart talks for Senior 2 and Primary 6.
    • Leaflets for all Primary 6 pupils 
    • Competitions for Primary 2,3,4,5,6,7 and Senior schools (S1,2,3) with sponsorship of £900 for prizes (from 5 different companies) 
    • Posters around school
    • Information on the digital signage
    • (Police still to confirm involvement) 

    Who is involved? all children from Primary 2 upwards, staff and parents.

    Where is it happening? Classrooms around the school, assembly halls, at home,

    When? 22nd-26th September 2008


THOUGHTS SO FAR… WOW, I am really pleased with the week… esecially from the Junior School perspective. I have over 700 competition entries for £800 of prizes, staff are all pleassed, children had fun… I’m a smiley person!

Next session- I need to get those seniors more involved, loads less entries for competitions, the message not quite sinking in…. I need to investigate


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29 01 2009
David Gilmour

There’s some info on what we’ve done by way of Internet Safety talks for parents in East Lothian here: which you’re welcome to plunder for ideas if it would help! 😉

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