Using Whiteboards interactively

I have been thinking and contemplating what constitutes good use of an Ineractive whiteboard. I have researched staff, watched lessons and used them myself, and have come to the conclusion, (as many others have) that good teachers are good teachers, whatever the tools. Te whiteboard is an extension of their teaching capacity. Those who embrace new technology have a powerful tool at their fingertips, but a good teacher will use it the most effectively.


Having said that, it is still important to define what these good teachers use it for. So I have come up with a list of ways staff in our schools could be using whiteboards. But I know if I give staff this luist, they will file it somewhere. There are too many words and bullet points, so I have tried to simplify the process further, (without dumbing it down). I have decided to break the main components into three sections, so I can issue staff with a guide for 5 easy ways to use the whiteboard. This can then be looked at, staff can evaluate their training needs based on the 5 ideas and I can bring them all to a base level. Once this has been accomplished, we can move onto part 2 and then 3.


So what do you think?

Will it work?

What have I missed?

here are my three documents

and here is the overall one i made


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12 03 2009
Using Whiteboards Interactively « Technowellies Weblog

[…] Using Whiteboards interactively […]

29 12 2011
White Boards

When you’re using this software how long does it normally take to install it? Once it’s installed how long will it take me to become familiar with it. I have a course starting on January 1st and my IWB just came yesterday.

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