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At last I have rewritten my manuals for Studio into the new Inspire version. I am only half way though, as I  ow need the primary version. Maybe tomorrow!! Here it is…. Feel free to comment.


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16 03 2009
27 03 2009
Rosie MacAlpine

Your manual looks fantastic! What a huge amount of work it must have been. I really liked the browser page – that’s a great way of showing the differences between them.

23 08 2009
Matt Nickerson

Your training manual is fantastic. Thank you so much for your time and effort!

23 08 2009

thanks- that is really kind of you- I am very glad it is useful

31 08 2009

Thank you so much. You have saved me much frustration!

14 09 2009
Jill Eagen

this is tremendous!

2 11 2009
Nicky D

This looks great, sadly I cant seem to register so I can download it 😦

7 12 2009

Wonderful Job. Thank you for sharing.

4 01 2010
Jimmy Bostock

Thanks. This is a great training resource. I would like to give you credit for its creation when I use it. Can you email me your name and job/position so that I may give you proper credit?

3 02 2010

Hi Alison,
I’ve added a link to my website to this page as a training resource. You can see it (hopefully!) at
If you would rather that I link to another page, use a different image etc, please let me know.

Many thanks,

4 09 2010
Coming to Terms with ActivInspire « ICT Connections

[…] this summarised training manual from Technowellies […]

21 02 2011
Mike New

Looks great for the studio version – any ideas when the primary version will be ready? Alternatively – if you will let me have an editable version of the studio version I would be more than happy to work through it and send you back the primary version.

29 09 2012
Morten Madsen

Well, this is quite a lot of text! I’m from Denmark so I probably have to use Google translate for some of the words, but the manual looks great to be honest with you.

Good job technowellies.

Best regards,

2 11 2018
ActivInspire Training Manual

[…] You can read the ActivInspire manual here. […]

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