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primarymigrate2OFF WE GO!!!!

The journey started at BETT- I watched for about an hour, it seemes OK, I thought to myself, I loved the dual pen function, the tool history, the integration of expression… but lurking in the back of my mind was THE question… how will I train 250 staff to use it so they are competant and confident in August?

So, step 1 started, become familiar with it myself. Easier said than done I thought, until I found a handy brochure which told me I could download a beta version at home. ( and I started to play…. and play… and play…..

To be honest, it’s all very well watching someone else demonstrate (and I must remember that when training!) It certainly seemed straightforward  at BETT, but it is easy for a demonstrator to choose what to do next based on their own comfort zones. The proof of the pudding is in the using. and use it I am. First the tutorials on Activlearning website helped me to get a basic understanding of the new features. Next the migration form Activstudio to Inspire and likewise from Primary to Inspire.


Jan 21st… 9.06pm   Oh Promethean, sometimes I love you and sometimes I hate you…..


OK- Focus- back to the job in hand. I havr trawled throught the Promethean planet forum. (you really should do this if you are interested in the new software). I have read all the tricks of overcoming the differences, marvelled at the new bits…. more playing necessary

thoughts so far. grid

  • I love the grid designer- it is much easier to use with loads of new features, rather than having to adapt a premade on. I’ve not fathomed the several layers of grids yet, but I am sure I will see a need for it at some point! But I couldnt take a snapshot of it- I had to open ActivPrimary to do it!
  • Page background, would like an extra button which says “put on all pages of this flipchart, even those I have not made yet!”
  • Where has my right click on the pen tool gone?- that is the teachers’ favourite here!
  • I am really glad the eraser erases, rather than covering items with a layer.
  • It’s really cool that you can draw whilst in spotlight mode- the whole tool is much more user friendly and useful in the classroom now.
  • Is it me, or is the writing a bit neater?
  • The bin now has a red arrow which means it is a little more obvious for some staff to put things in. (although you would think most staff knew what a bin was for!)
  • The new text box is more obvious with the microsoft feel to it and command for ‘text here’. The select all in the newly located toolbar is great- saves wallowing around a page with loads of text! The handles are larger and when you drag text from the Internet it uses the most recent font style on the flipchart- so no more nasty small text which needs oodles of altering. Hurray!
  • I would sttill like the option of a scientific calculator for out top primary children,
  • resources
  • The resource library has some improved features. I like the customisation of the size of different sections, and the way when you drag a picture in it automatically scrools to the next one. I don’t like the way the top of the toolbar keeps getting lost under the page title bar, so I cannot grab it, and have to go back to full screen mode to be able to move it.
  • I am getting used to the actions and properties, and it seems sensible to lump them all together.
  • The transparency slider is great, saves lots of space on the page.
  • Will we be able to save files as older flipcharts?
  • I would love to be able to print flipcharts as you can powerpoint- ie 3 to a page, 6 to a page etc.


So overall, thumbs up, tyhere are a few tweaks still to go,  but I hear the development team are working on them.  It feels a more smooth piece of software to use with less anomalities than its predecessor.


Well done Promethean.




just had steph from Promethean to visit- she showed me a top trick- exporting individual words from text boxes- VERY cool! Staff will love that!


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25 02 2009

Great set of notes here. I have had problems with the camera tool. I can no longer take a picture of any application running outside Inspire. :O( No good to me. This would make me keep using AStudio3.

5 03 2009
David Lloyd

Look at the top of the Insprie toolbar and there are four buttons grouped together. Bottom right is Desktop Tools. Click it and you go to your desktop with a little wheel of tolls including the camera which allows you to take snapshots of your desktop.

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