welcome to my blog, how I use ICT as a parent, teacher and trainer. ENJOY!

Please leave comments, I have never had a blog comment yet!


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27 01 2009

Hi Alison, love your blog! The welly walk looked like really good fun.
I’m adding your blog to my Google reader so I can keep up with your posts. Thanks for sharing your ICT discoveries. I think this is a valuble place to discover new ways of teaching with ICT.


28 01 2009

Thanks for your generous comments. I love sharing what I am doing- glad you have found it interesting, I’m still quite new at this!

28 01 2009

Your blog is full of quick tips that will grab teachers interest immediately. I plan to share this with my staff this week. Are you in one school building? How many children/classes do you work with?

28 01 2009

thanks for the lovely comments and I would love to be shared by staff in your school! We have many buildings, 1200 children aged 3-11, (but I also work with the teachers in the senior schools too -another 2000). We have 48 classes in the Junior school. so lots of places to try new ideas!

7 02 2009

Hello! I’ve just found your blog, via Tom Barrett’s blog where you left a comment about using Twitter, which I have been enjoying more and more recently. Since I’m originally from Edinburgh (and now teach in London), I thought I’d pop by; lots of interesting ideas, so I look forward to browsing more later! (Have a nice weekend!)

8 02 2009

Thanks for the comment, I am originally from London, and teach in Edinburgh!

15 04 2009

Great information; kudos for your effort to share with the world–me in Illinois particularly! Could you send me more directives about “talking postcards”? Is this a particular application/software you use with the IWB? Thanks for your help.

15 04 2009

talking postcards are just what they say they are, postcard size pieces of card with a sound recorder built in. Yhis means you can write words on them, draw pictures, add photographs and then children can record their voices into them. They make great interactive displays.

26 02 2010

Hi, Fab fab site. Now on my faves list!!!

I came across it whilst researching for an assignment I am writing for my post grad! You have provided me with a great case study for illustrating the importance of Active learning- Thanks very much

TTFN :o)

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