Maths mania!

5 04 2017

The next resources are maths. I love twinkl for maths as I can dip in and out of different years and curriculum to get exactly what i want. 

First are these problem solving cards. I popped them around the room (hidden well) and sent my class to find them and answer them. I chose these for a few reasons

1) It was the end of term, we needed consolidation, after a few weeks learning strategies and applying them, how would they respond to these?

2) By positioning myself in one spot, i can watch everyone attempt a patricular problem, aiding as much as necessary. Assessment in action. Extention where required, revision if needed. 

3) its the end of term, we need active learning and fun! By hiding them all over the classroom (think under desks, behind whiteboards etc) we all had fun. We got up and hunted! If we found one way too tricky, we put a spot bext to it and carried on. 

4) Lastly, I had no marking. The children who finished used the QR codes on the ipad to mark their own. We then looked at ones they had got wrong, worked out why and they tried again. 




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