Role play

4 04 2017

Next I have to thank twinkl for my role play area. We don’t have lots of room for this but I like the children having a voice… (despite some random choices) this term they chose a vets… this is what it looked like just before dismantling earlier!IMG_6636.JPG


Top ten twinkl resources this term

4 04 2017

So the tidying has started and the memories flooding back! So what have I found most useful this term… (in order of tidying!!)IMG_6637

1) spring bar graph sheet.

my 6/7 year olds were pretty good at data handling back in september… but would they remember? I popped this sheet on their desk for when they entered the classroom in the morning. They know they have to ‘work out what to do’… I used the sheet to ascertain where they were – ready for my teaching input. I could see errors (like the one above) and teach those points saving too much unnecessary teaching on the carpet… 😁