Ending term with a twinkl…

3 04 2017

IMG_6624.JPGAnd so another term ends and it’s time to tidy up the ‘piles’ that seem to litter my home and classroom. As it’s the first day of the hols, l’m starting at home.

Notice anything about my pile of worsheets I need to sort? Yes, they twinkl, or rather are from twinkl. As a Primary 2 teacher with 26 fabulous children in my class I find myself turning more and more to twinkl… so in my sorting out, I thought I would look at 10 of my top twinkl choices this term…


Free Panel….

3 04 2017

Have you entered yet? Just a few days to go…

A free panel from Promethean for 30 schools… seems to goid to be true? Nope. Read on…



My class have made a video… so much fun!

3 04 2017

BETT… I went. I saw. I conquered…!

well, it seems ages ago now that I attended BETT, however it definitely set my year off on the right foot. BETT is a place full of opportunity, a place to make and chase dreams. And I did.

Highlights include presenting, socialising, questioning, acting(!) previewing. BETT serves to enthuse me, to increase the passion I have in Education, to make me proud to be in the best profession ever.

Thank you Promethean. It was hard work but the best fun ever.