Let’s get going and start learning!

16 11 2016

img_9850The first full ‘Panel’ day where I learnt a lot.

Today I tried all sorts and went home tired!

First, I decided to try the android whiteboard. Basic. I dont like the white only background, but most of all, I dont like that it is almost too sensitive… until you want to dot an i… and believe me, my class like to dot their i’s!

Child – “Mrs Lydon, there is not dot on that i”.

Me – “Yes, I know. I’m working on it.”

Child – “Can’t you just dot it?”

Me – “Ermmm… no. it doesn’t let me.”

Child – “Why”

Me- “No idea”

Child – “I thought this was a clever Board?”

Me – “Well it is, it thinks I’m pointing, but I’m not.”

…and so it continued! I did manage to write on it (as did my sleeve, hip and the book I was holding) I froze the board to avoid more touches, finding out there are two ways to freeze it, one I couldnt unfreeze… (off and on!)


Next I tried classflow assessments. Could my class remember how to use the QR code, the password, find their name and then answer 21 questions about adding 9, 10, 11. Again I learnt quite a lot, as did the children. I realised that telling the last few to enter random answers as we ran out of time was not ideal. Far better to end the poll. Next time.

Lastly I decided to explore the board more…I tried clicking on other random bubbles in the android part. This did not go so well, when I clicked on something and could not get out (off and on). 13 minutes of hanging on the line for the Promethean hotline, emails, facebook posts later, I pulled all the plugs out and popped thm back. Voila. The board lives to tell another tale tomorrow (and I could go home!) Thankfully my children understood why they were waiting in the rain for me to pick them up a wee bit late!




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