Day 1… Classflow

9 11 2016

img_9801Link to classflow

Today I used classflow with my 5 and 6 year olds for the first time. We took baby steps, worked with a partner so only 13 ipads. I had previously taught them to use QR code readers apps, so accessing the page worked well. They were all able to type in the session code, no problems, although a couple had never typed numbers into an ipad before so needed help accessing the different keyboard.

Once in, I started with a plain as can be slide which I sent to the children as a creative poll. The children were shown how to access the pic collage they had made and send it to me. Lots of oooh and ahhhs from the children when I showed them I now had them on my whiteboard. The class loved counting down how many more children needed to submit (new word for them!), so a bit of age appropriate maths whilst we were waiting!

On a roll, we added a new slide, one with another creative poll and the children learn how to send me a word written with their finger. They discovered how to turn the ipad around to make more space without help. Again they submitted and enjoyed reviewing the work. When a noun appeared, there were calls of ‘Who did that?’ and I was able to show them how I could tell, but how I could keep it secret too. Finally we tried a word seed. Again, sending an adjective. We found where to type, submitted and enjoyed reviewing the words, checking how many were really adjectives, eliminating those that were not, choosing the best one and seeing whose that was.

Once the ipads were away, we evaluated. It was slower to send in work, and the children were keen to point out that it was harder to copy than siting on the carpet with whiteboards. Will their work be better as they know others will see it? Something we will keep a watch for.





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