#fun – secret agent style!

8 02 2013

Tonight it was hard to leave school, i was having so much fun, and all related to the project I was not looking forward to teaching. I reckon if i can make it fun for me, I am more likely to enthuse those I am teaching.

Fun, for me, is a major consideration when planning lessons, second only to the learning intention/ target. We have all attended training/courses and which did we remember most? Which did we participate most in? Which made a lasting impression, which encouraged us to do our best? the ones which were carefully planned to meet the learning target in a FUN way.

So back to this afternoon… I have a team work project to deliver, where children have to collaborate and present information about a specific country. 21 hours of research. What it needed was a spin… A reason for being, and a fun one at that… Luckily i work with. Team of talented and creative likeminded teachers and we collaborated and came up with a plan… Mission 4367, where children are invited by James bond to help them research their country in a top secret mission in which agent lives across the world are in danger. I have downloaded ‘morfo’ on my ipad, grabbed a picture of 007 and animated him recording the initial briefing. Top secret dossiers have been created, secret agent cards are ready for laminating and a flipchart created for ‘retired agents’ (aka teachers) to model the learning and reinforce instructions.

All I need now are 23 willing agent volunteers! Roll on next half term!





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