15 01 2013

Today was a dream day for a primary school teacher teaching weather!

It was cold enough for children to demonstrate their knowledge of condensation when breathing, a variety of cloud types were visible to identify out of the window, and to topi it all, rain, sun, sleet, snow all in one lesson.

All that was needed was wind! Well I could sort that one! Even the children were a little surprised when I showed them a balloon and told them I was going to make wind in the classroom! Certainly a raised eyebrow from the other adult in the room!

An hour layer they had watched vidoes, created diagrams, acted out how wind is made, talked, discussed, questioned… and everyone could describe how low and high pressure and heat from the sun made air move, known as wind. Result! No doldrums in my class today. ( and it was o much fun too!) My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Time to get out the bubble mix tomorrow!




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