11 01 2013

Talk has definitely been the theme of today, right from the first ‘chat’ of the day in the car park whilst unpacking my marking from the boot of my car. More talk as I install a visualiser on the way to my classroom, and yet more talk as the class excitedly ask one member about his birthday.

Talk fascinates me, some talk too much, some not enough, some control exactly what they say, others seem to have no control. The task today was to take a ‘Just so story’ summarise it to 100 words or less and then present to the class. The different styles the class used was fascinating, as were their presentation styles. As usual some totally blew me away. The group which took the story about how the camel got his hump, managed to turn the story into a very short and very funny play! Genius!

MORE Talk as I run through maths plans, reading levels, art resources, ICT equipment with colleagues, ‘talk’ as I catch up with friends from other parts of he school, ‘talk’ about the future technology school might deploy. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk….

I have to admit i find talk easy, but in my drawer i have the stuck in the following quote stuck by Steven Covey…, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”
Like most people, I still do this from time to time…today in my rush and excitement I know i have done this too much… Bad move- two ears, one mouth for a reason! Understanding is so important, whoever i am talking with. And reflecting on today, the most important moments were the listening ones, where I remembered to really focus on the message the talker was sending…Maybe my next blog post should be #listen.





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