#dance in the rain

9 01 2013

Today it rained in my classroom and i danced inside. I had previously planned to show my class the ‘rain in the classroom’ experiment to complement our work on the water cycle, but rather concerned that it was all becoming a bit theoretical, I decided to hand it over to them. I challenged them to proove the water cycle to me, I told them I didn’t trust the evidence, I wanted to SEE it with my own eyes before I believed, and that was their job, and so they were let loose. They came up with puddle evaporation experiments, evaporating in the classroom, condensation using hot and cold surfaces, and one brave group rose fully to the challenge. They devised the whole thing, kettles, icepacks, cups, metal trays and built a makeshift water cycle at the back of the classroom. Twenty minutes later it rained on my boots! A couple of precious drops that none of us will forget because they dared to grasp the moment and they danced with it.






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