#rewind, play, fast forward…

7 01 2013

Rewind a couple of weeks and i was hot footing it out of the school, ready for a holiday and yet here I am, feeling Great to be back at work today, ready and fresh to start a new term!

One device i couldnt have been without during the two weeks was my ipad, which other than on one task, has prooved invaluable in my hectic life. 7 hour car journey to London, turned into a 7 hour internet trawl for resources, a time to make keynote presentations and explore new apps. Buying and selling on ebay, ordering from Amazon and Argos, recording videos to send to family, tweeting and pinning, liking and commenting!

So now the question is, what will I use it for in my classroom… Time to play! For now, i am content o sit on the sofa and browse you tube clips to introduce my weather topic.




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