Training standing on it’s head!

27 12 2011

Everyone needs training and this year I have literally turned my training on its head, working on the advanced users in school. Normally, school persuade me to go against my instincts and ensure all users have a basic knowledge, but with new software versions and staff arriving at school, it always feels as if I am playing catchup…. So I have decided to work down, running advanced whiteboard skillstraining for 4 cohorts of staff using three delivery methods. The staff so far have really enjoyed the course, but now I need to see what impact this approach has… Well the initial signs are good. Over 50% have gone out of their way to show others some of the skills they have learnt as well as use them in their classroom. The more I can encourage the top down approach to work, the more time I will have to help individuals ( I hope) … So here’s to standing on your head!