wahoooooooooooo… I spoke at #SLF09!

23 09 2009

well today sees the end of cycle 1… a year agao I created technowellies, today I spoke about it at the Scottlish Learning Festival (#slf09)
and I think it went well. I had lots of people come p to me at the end and thank me, one descrbed the talk as educational, fun, inspiring and informative….( what more can I ask for?)
another person stopped me in the corridoor and told me she was going straing back to school to change the way she dealt with outside walks, that I was inspirational…..
THANK YOU to everyone who came along. You were a great audience.

so I am basking in self glory at the moment…. 🙂

well I was, one child is crying, the washing up needs doing, shirt needs ironing for tomorrow…. back to real life!!




2 responses

24 09 2009
Lorraine Munro

Well done! I really enjoyed your seminar. As an ICT staff tutor I was aware of most of the resources you used on your welly walk but I loved the way you used them all together and will definitely use your idea to promote ict in the outdoors to our early years and primary establishments. Thank you

24 09 2009
Neil Winton

Really pleased to hear it went well. I’m just sorry I couldn’t get there myself. :0(

Still, there’s always next year!

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