Promethean presentation #slf09

24 09 2009

Thanks again to Promethean for allowing me to ramble on about expressions- I do so love them. Not only do they save me ( and other teachers time) but they make my teaching really relevant to the children in the class at the time.
for those of you who were there-(and anyone who missed it) here is the presentation

please leave comments- constructive critisism well received!


wahoooooooooooo… I spoke at #SLF09!

23 09 2009

well today sees the end of cycle 1… a year agao I created technowellies, today I spoke about it at the Scottlish Learning Festival (#slf09)
and I think it went well. I had lots of people come p to me at the end and thank me, one descrbed the talk as educational, fun, inspiring and informative….( what more can I ask for?)
another person stopped me in the corridoor and told me she was going straing back to school to change the way she dealt with outside walks, that I was inspirational…..
THANK YOU to everyone who came along. You were a great audience.

so I am basking in self glory at the moment…. 🙂

well I was, one child is crying, the washing up needs doing, shirt needs ironing for tomorrow…. back to real life!!

Internet safety week 2

23 09 2009

would this be a good starter for parents?

Prezi adds pazzazz!

17 09 2009

Wow- I love Prezi- I decided to turn my SLF powerpoint presentation into a much more appealing Prezi presentation…. and I almost succeeded. I just had a problem with the video- I have mine in AVI files, but I need FLV files, and although I can convert these- I’m not sure I have time before the big day….. anyway- I will link it here– once it is finished.

not long until the Scottish Learning Festival… Yikes!!!

15 09 2009

Yikes indeed, I found out the second seminar I am running at the Scottish Learning Festival is fully booked and more people are trying to get into it…. (Big Gulp!) I have not had the courage to look at my first one to see if it too is busy!

Anyway- I hope to see you there- as almost everything on my blog is about technowellies or Interactive whiteboards. Both my presentations will be on this blog after the event too.

Inspiring ten minute tasks

9 09 2009

Do you have some of those staff who always complain there is never enough time?

Not enough time to work through manuals…

Not enough time to get to grips with new software…

Not enough time to play…

 ten minute task

Well I hope these will help. They are a series of ten minute tasks to do on the whiteboard. print them out, laminate and bind… and give to a new teacher. Let them use them to learn the software, convert from Studio or Primary to Inspire or update skills.

Internet safety week- Mark 2

5 09 2009

Anoher year and more sponsors to find. So a MASSIVE thank you to Brain Pop, Whizzkidz and Promethean, who potentially may save a life or change the life of one of the children I teach.