the scoop!!!!

16 07 2009

untitled 1Having been on holiday the last three weeks- there have been lots of scoops…. ice-cream scoops. But now I have another scoop! The self paced learning version of the active expressions from Promethean. WOW!  We had the best fun ever testing and trialling the upgrade to the Expressions kit….

So- what does self paced learning do? Well, what don’t they do!!! Instead of having the question on the whiteboard for all children to answer at the first time, the questions are programed into the whiteboard, but arrive at the hand held device either in order or random.

I tested the new kit in a mental maths lesson, with a group of mixed ability 7 and 8 year olds. I had already added the questions in and had randomsed them too. Other options allowed me to set different levels of difficulty for the questions and set how many questions the childfren needed to answer correctly for each level beore progressing to the next. I was even able to specify whether childre had to reanswer a question if they got it wrong.

The children were familiar with the handsets and were keen to be amongst the first in the world to try this system. They loved it! ( not sure if they would choose Ice-cream or this in their lessons!) We had a few issues with the handsets hanging for a few minutes, but the children and I knew this was a beta version and fed back any issues we found to Promethean.

Throughout the lesson I was presented with so much data. I could see which level each child was on, which questions they had answered, whether they had got it right or wrong and how long it had taken to answer.  This data can be exported to excel for further analysis.

untitled2So were there and niggles? Well, yes,  as you would expect in a beta test, there were  a couple. I’d really like the results to be in numerical order rather than random. As mentioned before, some of the devices hung for a while, which is a bit irritating for the children and for the validity of test results.

But to be honest, this seems to be the flake in the ice-cream for Promethean, as the expressions kit become more than just a great add on for some lessons, but a seriously useful bit of kit for all classrooms.




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