Variety is the spice of life in a perfect day

19 06 2009

Today was one of those days I will remember for a long time- a dream day where  I was fulfilled professionally, personall and as a mum too. Let me elaborate.

It started off with a conference call. Now I know lots of you out there do these all the time and they are not exciting at all to you. But as  a Primary school teacher, they are a bit exciting for me and make me feel all grown up!  I might not have had my breakfast yet, or even a cup of tea, but I was able to contribute and make a difference.

One cup of tea later I settled down to proof read a training manual I had made the day before, pressed send and off it went round school.

Then- the main excitement of the day- trialling the new self paced learning response systems from Promethean. This has to be one of the most exciting products I have seen since I first saw a whiteboard. AMAZING (more tomorrow about this!) The children at school were so excitied to be some of the first in theworld to trial this technology.

A few magical mummy moments next- a chance to have a teddy bears picnic with my daughter and her class (whilst taking pictures for the school) and then I delivered a CD with the recording of the ballet show to my sons room next. Although he wasn’t in it, most of the girls were and I left them squealing with delight watching themselves.

At the end of my working dat, a sharepoint meeting ( my second conference call of the day) allowed me to develop a better understanding of sites, pages and the variations between.

When I get home I manage to watch my husband using hi new lawnmower and my son mimicing with his toy one, eager to copy Daddy every step of the way.

And at the end of my daughters day she read me a story ( which made me realise how far she has come since starting school 10 months ago.)

A variety of experiences in a variety of roles. For me variety is key. A glass of wine and my day will be  indeed be complete.




One response

26 06 2009
Rosie MacAlpine

I’m dying to hear about the new Learner Response systems. 🙂 How did they go?

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