Inspired…? I am!

1 06 2009

Friday was the day. The day the sun shone both outside and inside my classroom. It was Primary 4 activity day, a chance to braoden the curriculum, mix classes, have some fun, try new things. So today was the day I was going to launch Inspire and expressions at school. inspire

We already use ActivPrimary and the Senior school has Activ Expressions. I trained the senior shool staff to use ActivExpressions and whilst I love the learner response systems themselves, I hate the software. So I was very keen to tryExpressions with ActivInspire.


It was absolutely fab, right from the word go- I just plugged my hub in (no need to put the hub in before opening Inspire- it just worked) and I was off- off for a coffee, as the 20  minutes I had allowed to get things ready was not needed!

It’s just as well everything went so well really, because I am talking at the Scottish Learning festival about using Inspire and expressions.  So turn to my blog ‘Expressions’ page, and read the low down. I really hope you enjoy reading about how I use ‘Inspire’ as much as the children are enjoying exploring it.aIMG_0282




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