7 04 2009

It’s been a few days now since I was at school. and during my holiday I have been thinking ( I do this a lot!) And it seems to me my favourite word is ‘Why?’ Maybe it’s having a 6 and 4 year old in the house, but maybe, most probably it’s just me! I remember not being allowed to carry on physics because I always asked ‘why’ and teachers could not always satisfy me with their answers. I don’t like making things unless there is a purpose for them. I don’t like going somewhere unless there is a reason. Why ?

So it seems ‘Why’ is my keyword, my reason for being and doing. This week I have made more cards and craft items than ever before… why? because I have a table booked at a local sale and need to make some money. I have reorganised my dining room for the first time in two years.. Why? because I have guests sleeping in there over Easter. I have even cleaned my house. why, my mum is coming to stay!

And thinking back, ‘Why’ is the most important question in everything  I plan with children and staff. If there is no real benefit to children or staff, I findit VERY hard to advocate teaching it. I have to make it fit in to the needs, expectations, life of our pupils. An HMIe visited recently. He congratulated us for an integrated approach towards ICT, already meeting CfE criteria. And yet I had done nothing to change our curiculum, and nor will I… untill I see something else I need to change to benefit young learners. I am always asking myself ‘why I am  teaching this?’

..and so over Easter I challenge you, not only to question yourself why you are eating so much chocloate, but just as importantly, why are you teaching certain elements next session?




One response

20 04 2009
David Gilmour

I’m a bit of a “why?” person who never really broke the habit. At least I was allowed to keep the physics going. Now, though, you’ve made me realise there might be a connection with a continuing tendency to question “Why?” in relation to ICT. It’s amazing how easily it can become an end in itself, and the teaching and learning benefits can get forgotten. Best not to mention anything specific, I think.

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