Google Earth

24 03 2009

Google Earth has so many applications in education, and many have been captured and collated by Tom Barratt

I love being able to tag places, make lines and shapes, zoom into historical images and almost fly around them. What frustrates me though, is that I sometimes find myself wanting to use Google Earth, but do not have it installed. So I was very excited when I found this link to a Google earth type application run on the web. But without the bells and whistles of google earth, is it not just the same as google maps?


Here are my findings.

Google maps is great but Shaded relief has a variety of natural views. Both can search for places etc. Shaded relief allows elevation, distance and areas to be found.

I did get excited when I saw there were videos linked to places on Google maps, but on closer inspection, the majority of videos were not very useful- the bus route 32, a yellow car at Kames….. you get the drift! The photos are better, there seems to be some moderation and being able to look at photos of locations is great, although the areas are not all well represented. But Street maps is pretty cool  (although I’ve not used it in class yet.)

So overall, the Jury is out. I will continure to use google maps for morecity based exploration but I will be using Shaded relief for more natural work, as the views are more versatile.

Here is what they say about themselves.


You can use this interactive map in the following ways:

  • Measure the distance, area or elevation of map features, share a map & send a link to a colleague to show what you’ve found.

Search types

  • Simple Search – search for a city, town or village and locate it on the map.
  • Advanced Search – search for any place in the world.  Powered by Geonames
  • Renewable Resources – locate biofuel and biodiesel production facilities & lease option homes, locate rent to own homes.
  • Lat / Long – enter a longitude and latitude to locate a property on the map.Map Types
  • Satellite Images & Maps – shows Google satellite images & Google street maps
  • Hybrid – shows Google satellite images with general road and town overlays
  • Relief – shows shaded relief of the world (Relief+ overlays general road and town from google)
  • Natural – shows Tom Patterson’s Natural Earth (Natural+ overlays general roads and towns from Google)
  • VE – shows Microsoft Virtual Earth’s street mapsTools
  • Elevation – click anywhere on the map to find the elevation of the clicked point. ( Meters or Feet)
  • Distance – click along a route to find the distance. ( meters, kilometers, feet, yards, miles)
  • Area – measure the area of a building or piece of land (square feet, meters, yards, hectares, acres, kilometers or miles) <!–
  • Cadastral Information (VERY beta!) – click any point on the map to find the Cadastral information for the clicked point.
  • –>




    One response

    26 03 2009

    great site! very interesting!
    Bye, Andrea from italy!

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