Bookweek part 2- the eyebrow story

12 02 2009

what a fun story- it still makes me laugh! (even after looking at it so many times today!)…and it made the Primary 1 children laugh too.

Once a class had watched the flipchart, we did all sorts of things. As a followup activity, one class teacher decided to ask all the children to bring in hats. They discussed why they liked the hats, wrote why they liked the hats and then took photographs of themselves wearing the hats.  Having been taught how to use the camera last year, I was pleased how many could remember.

Another class decided to design fabulous hats, they all created hats and then recorded their ideas into a talking postcard. Children enjoyed the challenge of deciding a sentence, remembering the sentence and then speaking the sentence clearly whilst recording it into the postcard, all while 4 or 5 years old.




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