Bee-Bot Boxes

26 02 2009

img_13861Our bee-bots are on the move again, going out to another class for Home visits. They love visiting our families and playing with the children at home.

This is what we do.


White boards with ‘wee’ ones!

23 02 2009

Have a look her if you are using IWBs with small children- lots of links to great websites…


half term

13 02 2009


Enjoy the break everyone. I’m skiing, so will try not to break anything- see you all in a week

telescopic text

12 02 2009

have you seen this- great for P6 upwards to look at desriptive writing

Bookweek part 2- the eyebrow story

12 02 2009

what a fun story- it still makes me laugh! (even after looking at it so many times today!)…and it made the Primary 1 children laugh too.

Once a class had watched the flipchart, we did all sorts of things. As a followup activity, one class teacher decided to ask all the children to bring in hats. They discussed why they liked the hats, wrote why they liked the hats and then took photographs of themselves wearing the hats.  Having been taught how to use the camera last year, I was pleased how many could remember.

Another class decided to design fabulous hats, they all created hats and then recorded their ideas into a talking postcard. Children enjoyed the challenge of deciding a sentence, remembering the sentence and then speaking the sentence clearly whilst recording it into the postcard, all while 4 or 5 years old.

Bookweek part 1- multimedia books

10 02 2009

The first part of my bookweek input was today- and I used the utterly fab Roses garden by Peter Reynolds. The children (aged seven-eight) were spellbound and the work they created after was fab.

I did slightly different things with each class-

class 1- we read the story, they then went off in 3’s to make an audio story of 5 places Rose visited, with illustrations. When they finish tomorrow me might video them, and the pitures to make a collection of stories embedded into a flipchart.

class 2- we read the story and created story maps in pairs. The children then recorded their stories into an easispeak, and photographed their story maps. I’ll put them all into powerpoint tonight.

class 3- we read the story, each child created short descriptions of one place Rose might have visited and an accompanying illustration. They recorded their stories into an easi speak and photographed their pictures. They are in Activprimary.

The story really lends itself to so many lessons, and the subtle illustrations are fantastic. If you have not read it- do so! NOW!

Thank you Peter Reynolds.


9 02 2009

Finally I have managed to have a good play with most of the new features, make a few flipcharts etc and put the software through it’s paces. I am sure there will be more to add, bu take a look at the INSPIRE tab at the top for my thoughts.