Space race

29 01 2009

Today is space day in primary 5. Children are having six 50minute sessions, related to space, and one is the space race which I am organising.

basically I have made 11 space mazes for children to program the probot through. Working in 2’s or 3’s the children will create their sequence of instructions and then program the whole sequence into the probot, before pressing go. When they are wrong (which everyone has been so far), they rerun the instruction sequence, noting where they are wrong, finding that section and editing.

so far the majority of groups have managed. I am also impressed my the considtent motivation levels of the children, which I think is due to my flip video!  If they succeed, thay are allowed to video their results and show it on the screen. Very motivating indeed. I have not seen the children approach this task with such determination. Normally a few set backs and they shrug their shouders and maintain a token level of effort. Not today though- all classes have ben brilliant.  Anyway, another 75 children to go, better have lunch!flip-probot




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