book week

27 01 2009

Two weeks to go until book week, and I have voluntered a session (or rather 15, as we have 15 clases!)… so what to do? Obviously I want it to inolve ICT as well as books, and obviously I want it to be fun for the 5,6 and 7 year olds. So what book? Amazon has a choice of 837,227, so plenty of choice.

After 20 minutes googling, a thought struck. I was recently in promethean planet suggsting ways of using the new Peter Reynolds book. It is a gem of a story, and I think perfect for my Primary 3 children.


so how shall I use it,

P3 have IWBs, so they will enjoy the atmospheric noises and animations. And as a followup I think we might go on a journey in a teapot and write short stories, maybe in the shape of a teapot and make a teapot shaped book about our adventures. Might need some print outs of the children to ad to their stories, and maybe a few can mke animations on the whitebord with the video screen recorder.

Whilst on the site I found another great story- The eyebrow story also by Peter Reynolds. It is hilarious and has (i think) just the amount of silly humor to tickle the Primary 1 children. (although I may just do their lessons before a playtime!)


Follow up work will involve designing hats, not an obvious link, unless you read the story!  Wonder if the classteachers would be up for a bit of multi media collage???? 

That leaves Primary 2. Again inspiration from the same website- the clever stick.


Still working on the follow up activity- ideally making stick pictures and apturing with the digital camera, might need to settle or doodles ofaht the stick might have drawn, will need to see hat the weather brings!




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