Bee-Bot training

29 01 2009

Many thanks to thelovely ladies and gents who attended my training tonight- they put up with my sore voice (see previous post!) and were still enthusiastic, energetic and open to new ideas. images


Space race

29 01 2009

Today is space day in primary 5. Children are having six 50minute sessions, related to space, and one is the space race which I am organising.

basically I have made 11 space mazes for children to program the probot through. Working in 2’s or 3’s the children will create their sequence of instructions and then program the whole sequence into the probot, before pressing go. When they are wrong (which everyone has been so far), they rerun the instruction sequence, noting where they are wrong, finding that section and editing.

so far the majority of groups have managed. I am also impressed my the considtent motivation levels of the children, which I think is due to my flip video!  If they succeed, thay are allowed to video their results and show it on the screen. Very motivating indeed. I have not seen the children approach this task with such determination. Normally a few set backs and they shrug their shouders and maintain a token level of effort. Not today though- all classes have ben brilliant.  Anyway, another 75 children to go, better have lunch!flip-probot

book week

27 01 2009

Two weeks to go until book week, and I have voluntered a session (or rather 15, as we have 15 clases!)… so what to do? Obviously I want it to inolve ICT as well as books, and obviously I want it to be fun for the 5,6 and 7 year olds. So what book? Amazon has a choice of 837,227, so plenty of choice.

After 20 minutes googling, a thought struck. I was recently in promethean planet suggsting ways of using the new Peter Reynolds book. It is a gem of a story, and I think perfect for my Primary 3 children.


so how shall I use it,

P3 have IWBs, so they will enjoy the atmospheric noises and animations. And as a followup I think we might go on a journey in a teapot and write short stories, maybe in the shape of a teapot and make a teapot shaped book about our adventures. Might need some print outs of the children to ad to their stories, and maybe a few can mke animations on the whitebord with the video screen recorder.

Whilst on the site I found another great story- The eyebrow story also by Peter Reynolds. It is hilarious and has (i think) just the amount of silly humor to tickle the Primary 1 children. (although I may just do their lessons before a playtime!)


Follow up work will involve designing hats, not an obvious link, unless you read the story!  Wonder if the classteachers would be up for a bit of multi media collage???? 

That leaves Primary 2. Again inspiration from the same website- the clever stick.


Still working on the follow up activity- ideally making stick pictures and apturing with the digital camera, might need to settle or doodles ofaht the stick might have drawn, will need to see hat the weather brings!

typing tutors

26 01 2009

So what do you use? Do you teach typing?


As a school we have decided to teach typing. Yeas ago I was told typing was not an important skill to teach 7-11 year olds, but hey, I like to disagree now and then! And this year at BETT saw the arrival of at least 2 new online typing tutors. We are currently testing these out to see if theye are likely to be as easy to use and prodctive as our canadian ‘typing pal’ website…. so watch this space for my verdict. If you know of any other online tutors, let me know.

Pocket video cameras… my first Twitter collaboration

25 01 2009

Tom Barrett has been busy tweeting folks to add stuff to the pocket sized video cameras collection. Have you seen it yet?


we are up to 22 ways!


FUNKY & Cool!

25 01 2009

mecartoon1Ohh, I doo like Funky. Other than for warholising the children and their photos of objects when it gets to the popart module- it is great at smoothing out wrinkles,,, and in my 40th year that an only be a good thing! Nind you- you need to be careful which effects you choose, some added the years!. Wish there were les ads, more choices, but still fun ay to alter photos-

I might use it to make class calenders at the end of the year!


24 01 2009

a twitter lead- and something to play with tomorrow!