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30 09 2008

talking postcard trail in the playground (P2)

digital art photos of buildings (P5)


Educational rationale

30 09 2008

By using ICT to explore the outside environment two main resources are put together to enhance learning.


Why outside?

“A Curriculum for Excellence recognises that learning is embedded in experience. By taking learning outdoors we remove the barriers that the traditional classroom can put up between young people and first-hand, real-life experiences. Outdoor learning is hands-on and direct, and the knowledge that pupils gain from it is real, first-hand and unforgettable.”

Since 1990, Grounds for Learning and Learning through Landscapes  have been campaigning on behalf of all children for better school grounds.


Many children in the UK have limited opportunities to learn and play outdoors in safety. Without good school grounds, they will miss out on essential opportunities to be healthy and happy in their formative years, and to gather the experiences they need to be healthy and happy as adults.


Why ICT?

It is important to remember that as children and young people play and learn they will develop an interest, confidence and enjoyment in ICT skills that can be transferred and applied in different learning contexts.


Participating in experiences and outcomes in the technologies enables children and young people to become informed, skilled, thoughtful, adaptable and enterprising citizens, and to:


• develop a considered understanding of the role and impact of technologies in changing and influencing societies


• contribute to building a better world by taking responsible, ethical actions to improve their lives, the lives of others and the environment


• gain the confidence and skills to embrace and use technologies now and in the future, at home, at work and in the wider community


• become informed consumers and producers who have an appreciation of the merits and impacts of products and services


• be capable of making reasoned choices relating to the environment, sustainable development and ethical, economic and cultural issues


• broaden their understanding of the role that information and communications technology (ICT) has in Scotland and in the global community


• experience work-related learning, and establish firm foundations for lifelong learning and, for some, specialised study and careers.

Science Curriculum for Excellence

I have observed living things around me over a period of time and recorded information on them. I can demonstrate my curiosity about living things and their environment.

SCN 002B


I have observed and recorded some features of living things which allows me to place them in groups. Using this information I can sort living and non living things into groups giving reasons for my decisions.

SCN 102B


Technologies Curriculum for excellence


I enjoy playing with and exploring technologies to discover what they can do and how they can help us.

TCH 001A


Within real and imaginary settings, I am developing my practical skills as I select and work with a range materials, tools and software.

TCH 003C


Throughout my learning, I share my thoughts with others to help further develop ideas and solve problems.

TCH 005D


I enjoy exploring and using technologies to communicate with others within and beyond my place of learning.

TCH 007F


I capture and present my world and experiences by taking photographs, or recording sound and moving images.

TCH 008G


As I play and learn, I am gaining confidence whilst using computer technology and can use my skills in new and different situations.

TCH 011K


Experiences and outcomes that promote the development of skills in ICT are a responsibility of all practitioners and are indicated in italics.

getting ready

29 09 2008

So equipment needed

easispeak, talking postcards, chatterbox, digital video camera, digital camera, easi-scope… should do the trick. I’m swithering between two types of video camera- so need to play and test with the children.


OK- the welly cam idea is not working well- too much motion sickness watching a boot go up and down… but the flip is amazing… I’m in love!

So why Techno wellies???

28 09 2008
you may or may not have heard, I have a new role at school- ICT learning and teaching advisor. I want to make sure as many staff are using ICT to enhance learning and teaching. So, how to do this- so far a three pronged atack is planned
1) staff skills training
2) working with staff in classrooms
3) Providing training resources and ideas

and boy do I have some ideas. I have purposefully waited until after the Scottish learning festival and one month of doing the job before deciding my direction….. and there were so many choices. I am fascinated by words, but will leave that one to next session!

THIS session, my focus will be on outside/inside ICT . Taking the outside inside, taking the inside outside, joining the two together with a little eco, a little adventure and lots of exploration and LOADS of ICT, everywhere.

So my first project is going to focus on the humble welly walk. With Primary 1 I want to

  • lok at their position in the world- using gogle earth to zoom in, and plan a route
  • introduce wellyvision using the video camera strapped to a welly
  • let children take digital photos on the walk, interviewing them on their walk with the easispeak
  • create talking postcards with the photos to add to a geat big aerial picture
  • let children use a digital microscope to look at the items collected
  • let children take snapshots of the collected items and record details onto a chatterbox and make a display


I want

  • to extend the language of the children… why wont me daughter tell me about her welly walk???
  • to make lessons more fun, more fun makes more learning.
  • to enrich- this activity would happen anyway- but the children will be do all sorts of things not possible 20 years go… be able to see their school from the air, plan a route, see a welly view of the walk, get up close and personal with examining finds, record their walk in a different way.

what’s it all about?

28 09 2008

so where to start?
so many ideas buzzing around my head,
so many things to accomplish this session
so many lessons to learn.

And I will be sharing them here.

Hello world!

28 09 2008

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